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G-ABI Electronics Pvt. Ltd

G-ABI Electronics Pvt Ltd

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Who we are

G- stands for Ganesh . Ganesh is the elephant headed Hindu deity, famously known as dispeller of troubles (विघ्णेश). According to Hindu beliefs, Ganesh is the first God to be worshipped whenever someone starts something new.

ABI- is derived from Abimanyu, one of the greatest warriors of the epic Mahabharata. It is believed that he was ahead of his times. The spirit of Abhimanyu sums up our work ethic. We begin something with integrity, make it a matter of honour and see it through the end with perseverance and steadfastness.


G -ABI has been associated with the Telecom industry since 1988. The Centre For development Of Telematics (CDOT) was established by the Government of India to Design and Develop the First Digital Switch for India. This was done successfully and the First Indigenously Designed DIGITAL Switching Systems (DSS) such as The RAX ( Rural Automatic Exchange ) / MAX ( Main Automatic Exchange)and TAX ( Trunk Automatic Exchange) were installed in India. Between 1991 and 2003 over 50 Million lines of the CDOT design were installed in the country. We supplied key components to the Telecom manufacturers during this period. Our MD, Mr Deepak Vasdev, was actively involved with the CDOT Vendors development program.

What we do

G-ABI Electronics Pvt Ltd has been the proud representative and distributor of Fujitsu products for more than twenty-eight years now and continues to grow stronger. Our experience in Telecom products, Automotive Components, Medical and Life Saving Equipment’s, Electrical and Power machinery, HVAC Products, Petroleum Sector units, Banking Automation Core Modules, POS Terminals etc. have enabled us to establish a good customer base. We must acknowledge our customers from across a wide demographic and professional segment without whose active support, this journey wouldn’t be possible.

The association with the FUJITSU group of companies from Japan has given us access to state of the art products with proven quality and technology.

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Following is the image of the memento Fujitsu gifted us commemorating a good twenty five years' presence of G-ABI in the industry.